This web site since it is a digital magazine on line is a community own initiative. It means we are not business oriented but we serve our community. We don’t run any advertisement but we promote the best what is in our area.  We are not money driven but by duty to show what is the best of us.
The Junction Toronto has extremely rich tradition. We would love to share it with the world in non biased and most pristine form. We believe that it is very important to preserve heritage of the Junction as well as people, families that lived and live here. We are also certain that our way of living can be an example for the whole world. In troubled times we are the oasis of good and traditional so that is way it is so important to follow our example.
This web site is design in form of human being. I mean each human being has 5 senses that are govern be as we call mind. So we have smell, taste, vision, touch and sound. With each sense we associate the most representative places in the Junction so you can know about the best of us. Please access icons in menu bar and see the best of the Junction.

97984_2 (1)

                                               The Junction – map



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