Diet that can heals… Food that kills….

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Why did you decide to open such business?
Actually it was my wife’s idea. Mainly she wanted to help others… It is a long and very personal story… At some point in her life she had some health problems and using a proper diet she understood that she can help healing herself, and applied these findings to do so…
Specifically, after delivering our daughter, doctors, suggested a very intrusive treatment. that was a bit devastating. Happily she used common sense and started eat well. Finally it was a blessing. She overcame all the problems and presently she is doing quite well.



So, after knowing how terrifying sickness can be, and next discovering possibilities to win through discipline and healthy eating she gave others access to solutions that were very old but were making the difference. This was the theme and  foundation for our business.
She started first to introduce cleanses juices to her friends and family and all of a sudden her life became very busy. Since I came with a very strong business background I helped her organize everything and that was how we opened our first store. The rest was history and it has been quite  a journey since 2011.
Thanks for being so honest. It seems like it was an incredible personal transformation for her. No doubt that she showed how during the most difficult moments you could find hope and lift yourself form disparity.
Could you tell us what is the best way to straighten your immune system?



They tell the truth. It is the all time formula: healthy eating and exercise.
However, you should know the source of the food. this is very important. It is crucial where your food came from. Where it was grown or fed and how it was treated.
For sure you wish to go to organic sources in order to eliminate certain toxins, pesticides that were sprayed on plants, hormones that were introduced to animals etc. Basically you wish to give your body nutrients without toxins.
You should stick to products that are not processed. instead go with fresh and raw Fruits and vegetables which are the best. in case of meat raw is also the best. However, you have to be careful about parasites.


Plating, Farmhouse Tavern, The Junction, Toronto

Generally if you don’t eat meat you are leading a healthy life style our bodies are not designed to break down enzymes that are in meat. You can get necessary nutrients from fruits and vegetables. In terms of amino acids you can get them form plants like leafy greens and beans. of course meat is a high source of them but it has also a lot of toxins that can’t be broken down in our system and that is not good for you.
Indeed… What do you think about food that Canadians can get from common grocery stores?
Well… slowly, very slowly we are achieving some transparency in food and what we are buying in stores. Still a lot of things that are packaged… I would say stay away from.
Look for something fresh and what is naturally grown. try to  stick to everything not genetically modified (GMO), choose organic produce and meat that is grass fed and free run.
Simply put, you should have to do your research and you have to always remember that things change. What is good today, may change. demand for good products causes the producers to cut corners to  increase supply… So be smart and vigilant!
I would like to add that In last five years awareness about what we eat went up significantly. We know now for sure: No GMO but organic and fresh and the best Canadian and locally grown.



Again think in a very simplistic way… What is inside of what I eat? How much is it costs and if it is possible to accomplish a good quality taking under consideration all the factors?
It seems to be an endless struggle to get ahead of the curve but buying such basic things like food should be safe and fun! it all depends on the choices we will make and more and more honest producers are stepping in to provide healthy choices.
I see… anyway why genetically modified food is not good for you?
Still we are experimenting with it… We are not sure yet what kind of impact it has on our bodies but also we’ve seen dramatic increase in food related diseases.
it is more visible that poor health is attributed to poor eating. We don’t feel as good any more. We are constantly tired and no matter what we do it does not go away. We experience a lot of apathy in behaviour of others and lack of natural vibrancy and freshness in a way we see world. It became a struggle and a daily re-enforcement of our existence when trying not to fall apart. That is not good. Sooo…. much suffering – but why?



Honestly, it is hard to say…
However, what are we observing in our culture?
We are trying to feed the masses.
organic food can only reach small percentage  of the population.
We are not aware of another wide spread method to feed the masses. So it is an economic approach, since GMO foods can better survive  unfavorable conditions (insects, draughts ect.).
Nevertheless, we seems to be ignoring the main problem… we are messing with the nature… we are creating conditions that are irreversible…
I believe people should more think about consequences…